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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Demand Remains Strong

From too many homes to needing more to sell in the span of a few years. Homes priced under 300k are in high demand.  Affordable housing is an issue for our service based economy in northern Michigan.  If a home in that price range hasn't sold, there could be a very good reason--or it's just not priced properly.  There are still home owners out there that may be underwater from the bubble in the mid 2000's and may not have
room to move on the price.  Why is that if prices are back up?  Some of those sellers may have taken out a loan with a minimal down payment or 100% loan like a Rural Development loan and cannot cover the closing costs because they don't have enough equity built up.  Unless they have money they can bring to the table they're stuck.

There was a decline in sales (or fewer than expected) in Emmet County. I believe that to be not an indication of slower demand but lack of inventory. There is a need for home owners to list their homes for sale. If you think the timing is right for you and your family to sell, please don't hesitate to contact me for a free market analysis.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Changes are Coming to a Couple Favorite Websites

Look for a new look and features coming soon!
I'm excited to announce that some changes are coming to a couple of our favorite sites, the and  First, the site will feature a great new search option.  Always trying to remain a leader on our field and not willing to rest, we're making or site more user friendly.  We have the top local real estate website, driving traffic to our clients' properties.  Stay tuned!

Higher Definition Camera Coming...
The other site,, that provides a 24 hour view outside our office window, is awaiting the arrival of a new camera to enhance the experience.  One feature will be html broadcast that will allow iOS (Apple) devices to see the images more clearly and without having to click over to the button currently on the page.  Visitors to the page enjoy seeing Friday night events, 4th of July parades, traffic and weather (January is a huge month for visitors).  Other features include local events calendar, weather, links to property searches and local information.  Please visit long and often to these sites!

Pricing it Right Still Matters-2018

This is a re-post from my blog from 2016.  We are in the midst of a good market with prices rising due to lack of inventory (supply and demand).  The MARKET determines what the selling price is going to be.  Even though this is from 2016, it is VERY IMPORTANT that the home is priced right or it won't sell.  The longer it's on the market, the more likely it is that it will actually sell for less than originally thought.  Time on the market is more time that the seller has to pay taxes, do maintenance, and keep their life on hold.  Timing and weather do have an influence, historically the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year is very slow and during the early winter.

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So you've made the decision to sell your home.  You hire a good Realtor and he/she makes a listing price suggestion, but you decide to list at YOUR price--have you REALLY made the decision to sell your home?

Listed and U/C in 9 Days!
The internet and the information available removes any secrecy about your home.  Buyers compare location, finishes, size, amenities, etc. to the prices of similar homes online.  Plus, any savvy buyer is going to hire an agent that will do the research and help them to determine whether the home is
priced right.  Keep in mind that the selling price on any property that is going to be financed has to justified by a lender's appraisal.  A deal you thought you had can go away or you're left renegotiating.

There will be times that even a good realtor will miss the mark on pricing.  Then there are the realtors who will give a higher than market price, leading the seller to believe the home is worth more than it is in order to get a listing. In the end, a realtor is going to support the clients' decision on what price to list their home.  If the home does not receive offers, it is the agent's responsibility to suggest things (including reducing the price) to get the home sold!