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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When People Want to be Here

I went home for lunch today (because that's what you can do when you live in a small town).  It's 3.3 miles door to door if anyone is counting...but I digress.

Anyway, while I was home my wife, Suzann, told me that our friends of many years (especially her because she's known MB since like grade school or something and now they're old) said that they'd like to spend more time in northern Michigan.  I'd like to think it's just us, but I really think it's about just how darn nice it is here.  They live in Cleveland and find it worth their while to bring the whole fam damily by car when they can.

They'll be up here again after the first of the year, maybe sooner, and we'll have a crazy good time like we always do.  Skiing, swimming, eating at our great places here, like Red Mesa Grill or Pierson's.  But most importantly, we'll be creating the memories of a lifetime that I'm learning is not that long after all.
So eat, drink, and be merry and enjoy! And to all my friends, past, present and future, I look forward to next time we meet!


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