Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pricing it Right Still Matters

So you've made the decision to sell your home.  You hire a good Realtor and he/she makes a listing price suggestion, but you decide to list at YOUR price--have you REALLY made the decision to sell your home?

Listed and Sold in 9 Days!
The internet and the information available removes any secrecy about your home.  Buyers compare location, finishes, size, amenities, etc. to the prices of similar homes online.  Plus, any savvy buyer is going to hire an agent that will do the research and help them to determine whether the home is
priced right.  Keep in mind that the selling price on any property that is going to be financed has to justified by a lender's appraisal.  A deal you thought you had can go away or you're left renegotiating.

There will be times that even a good realtor will miss the mark on pricing.  Then there are the realtors who will give a higher than market price, leading the seller to believe the home is worth more than it is in order to get a listing. In the end, a realtor is going to support the clients' decision on what price to list their home.  If the home does not receive offers, it is the agent's responsibility to suggest things (including reducing the price) to get the home sold!

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